Nearing 100

As I get just a few blogs from my 100th post, I realize that the novelty of The Blog has still not left me. I am still pleasantly surprised by new things written about, laugh at the cute kid stories, am touched by the honesty and feel proud of my blogging friends who share their triumphs.

In this increasingly technological world (how much more technological can we get?) the need for connectedness increases as well. I don't know about you, but as busy as I get I have this desire to read up on my favorite blogs. They take me to places that I either want to go, or have gone, or are yet to experience. There was a sense of accomplishment I felt for a fellow blogger who finished a half-marathon. A couple weeks ago I felt almost physical pain for a bloggity-buddy whose description of her experience with her son's midnight earache left me praying for her for some time. And I sighed at the beauty of this bloggers wonderfully photoshopped pictures.

To all of you (and to others on whose blogs I frequently "lurk"), thank you. You have encouraged, taught, made me laugh and sigh, and I am glad to be in this world, writing with you.


GiBee said...

Awe, sweety! Thanks for that. I know every little prayer whispered to God above helped!!!

nancypants said...

Thanks for the link. :^) And oh the earache pains... we once had to take my oldest (when he was a baby) to the ER in the middle of the night because he was screaming inconsolably from the pain. I hope her little guy is all better now.