A journaling exercise I learned in a workshop a few years ago asked us to write down all the milestones in a person's life that became a defining moment. It's purpose was to see more clearly the steps leading you to this moment in your life and use those to understand yourself.

Here, on my 100th post, I have two milestones to share with you, my friends. And they all happened in the same day!

First, my six-year-old, LJ, got glasses. She looks so much older and smarter, somehow. With her long, brown hair and hazel eyes, the lilac frames look really great on her. My only small concern is that with her love for reading, she definitely fits the profile for a little girl who needs glasses.

Second, my one-and-a-half-year old finally moved out of our bedroom! This was something that I'd been looking forward to for sometime. We only postponed it to make sure that Brother would be fine with it. Tonight, their second night in the same room, Brother said he like having Sam with him. It was really nice to hear. And with Brother sometimes being afraid of the dark, maybe this will curb that as well. Of course, the room sharing has it's own hurdles, but as long as I can read in bed with a decent light on, and watch a bit of The Colbert Report propped up on pillows, I can deal with the late night giggles in the boy's room.

And finally, for a "Milestone" Good Thought:
You will never cease to be the most amazed person on earth at what God has done for you on the inside. ~Oswald Chambers.

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