Least Expected Excitement

A must read, mouth-watering blog. Great recipes on there, too. Lots of inspiration, although I'm still making a very simple cabbage and turkey sausage dinner tonight.

Today was a bit surprising lots of visitors. And I never really vacuumed or did the dishes in the sink until my second to last guest came by. David was riding with a friend of mine, Sue, and the pastor, but since pastor was 20 minutes late Sue came in and was taken on a grand tour of the house (minus the perfectly clean basement ) from the kids.

Then a man stopped by to drop off a few ferret things (for our newest foster pet), and meanwhile Donna came by for the check for my Pampered Chef order. (Still messy kitchen and un-vacuumed floors, plus laundry I was folding on the couch). Oh, BTW, although dressed I was still minus a bra since I forgot to grab one before showering. I slipped on a sweater and hoped that my crossed arms wouldn't be a giveaway :)

Finally had a break to lay the boys down and get everything in order (including putting on my undergarments) for another woman (for whom I'm doing a candle show). But the house was clean by this time, and stayed that way for a UPS guy and my new piano student and her mom whose lesson was interrupted by manacle screaming from a boy upstairs who desperately had to go potty with mom's help. . .

Probably a good thing I'm making an easy dinner. I don't want to clean for another 12hours :)

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GiBee said...

So, how did the meal turn out, and how did the candle party go today?