Flying By

Now that my kids are 6, 4, and 18 months, and sometimes overwhelming to me, I just have to look back and remember how quickly children change and grow up. There is a tear-jerking song called, "You're Gonna Miss This" (Trace Adkins) about how quickly kids grow up. The premise begins with a teenager in the car wanting to grow up quicker, then onto a new bride wanting more in her house, then a frazzled mom in a store who is told by the store clerk (if I remember correctly) that this time passes quickly and eventually the kids will grow up. Listen to it

When thinking that way, many moms decide to keep having children. Because as time flies past and kids move out of the house, if you time it out correctly you'll have grand-babies before your youngest moves out of the house. Read a blog from a woman who actually blogged during labor! I was completely impressed and the baby was perfect (pictures went up the next morning), but even more so when I found out it was her twelfth!!! Certainly something only a select few can do, but even then, the baby won't be little for very long.

I guess the thought for all of us is to make the most with the time we have, and take lots and lots of pictures! And something else, let the grandparents babysit when they can, and don't feel bad about taking advantage of them (unless you really are taking advantage). Can you imagine if in 20 years there is a new baby in your family and you can't cuddle it because your son or daughter doesn't want to burden you? As long as you keep communication open and know their needs, free grandparents to babysit is a good thing!

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