In youth group Wednesday evening we talked about the puzzles in life. Those things that we just can't figure out. For example, in the midst of Job's trials, he did not know why the horrible things were happening. All he knew was that his life was always a Godly one and so had nothing for which to repent, so there had to be an explanation. But all that God answered him in the end was, "I am God, you are not. End of discussion." And that had to be good enough of an answer. For Job it was.

When do you want answers for life's puzzles? When tragedy strikes, when blessings incomprehensible happen, when things fall apart, or when things fall into place that go beyond coincidence? Sometimes there are no answers and all we have to say is, "You are God, I am not, and that will have to be enough for me." And we praise Him.

What we need to remember is that there are millions of people, hundreds within our sphere of influence that don't have that missing piece of the puzzle. God. My challenge is: will you give those who are searching the answer that you have found? And don't feel that because someone is a Christian already that they don't need the encouragement to keep after their relationship with Christ.

A friend said on Sunday that when you first become a follower of Christ that missing piece is filled in and we feel complete and wonderful. But after years of being a Christian that we can easily begin to feel "hollow" again if we don't actively pursue that something more with God.

Let God continue to fit the pieces together and be those missing spaces in your life, then share your solution with those in need.

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