A Bit Seasick

Last couple weeks I've felt myself being pulled into a slow setting depression. It's one of the reasons my blog has been sorely neglected. A combination of a few new things in my life that I've not been able to come to full terms with yet have been a real burden to me. I still don't know all the answers, but as slowly as I was sinking I think I've hit the lowest point of this depression and am coming up now.

I've always been pretty even keel (as my mom says) so my emotional ups and downs arenot as roller coaster, more like going on a long ferry ride (I grew up by the Puget Sound) that is usually easy, but on a windy day makes you ill.

I'm really thankful for new friends who are willing to lend an ear and a bit of advice, as well as a LOT of prayer. As I see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel I'm feeling quite blessed for God's grace, provision, and guidance through His word and through Christian friends.

As you struggle with things in life, my prayer for you, Dear Readers, is that you wouldn't allow isolation to keep you trapped. Instead turn to the Bible and friendships that are the true, God-given beacons of hope.

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