Valentine's Day

Every Valentine's Day things don't go exactly like the movies (or even the commercials) for my hubby and I. I had such high expectations when my hubby and I were dating and newly married that he has just about given up on "getting it right" and doesn't try to do anything above and beyond. He is very good at being nice to me all year around, so I am blessed even if St. Valentine isn't honored by cheesecake and roses. I don't mind. I'm more mature now and will be happy if the kids stay in bed the whole night.

This year, I'm glad that it's on a Thursday night. I'm planning on making enchiladas for dinner, watching a movie (we have Chocolat recorded on TiVo) and having chocolate fondue for dessert. We used to be big fondue fans, but that was when we were both much bigger. Now it's sushi and popcorn for dessert. Does help the waistline, not quite as much fun.

It shouldn't bother me, not overdoing Valentine's Day. My favorite holiday isn't Valentine's Day, it's Easter. That is better than Christmas to me. And guess what! It's just a few weeks away.

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