Transcendent Truth

I thought I'd never get a post in. My computer had a safety setting that wouldn't allow me to post. And of course, I get all sorts of things I could write about! Oh well, 3 days later, here I am.

I get the greatest inspirations from God during Sunday School class. I really enjoy it more than most, since I haven't been able to attend one since I was a child. With worship team practice at our other churches, I couldn't participate. That is the blessing for me in our church that is very good at sharing the common areas. Not because we necessarily want to, but out of a no-other-choice situation. I never thought about that before.

Anyway, during Sunday School with dear Herb (one of my favorite "old people", besides my Grandpa), we were talking about how, in Luke 10, Jesus sent out 36 pairs of people into towns ahead of Jesus, to prepare the way for him. One of the things that Jesus required of the teams, was that they take no purse (money), no bag (clothing), or even a spare pair of shoes [the whole "no extra shoes" would be too much for many of us, not to think of no money!]

I had a thought that Jesus did this in order to set the 72 chosen missionaries up for spiritual success. If they learned how to rely on God alone while He was still present with them (to "bail them out" if needed); then they would know that He would not fail them after He ascended into heaven. Jesus was setting them up for success but it looked like failure in the world's eyes; in that they had nothing to their names, but the Good News.

Even in this day and age, the Good News transends all physical barriers and through our faith, God is enough to provide for our most ordinary needs like food, clothing and shelter.

One word of caution: This trusting God is good, and He will provide, but it can be quite scary until you realize that He will always catch you. As long as you are being obedient.

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