Thankful Thursday

This week started off bad, but it's ending well. Monday I had some minor work done at the dentist, but the anethestic also gave me a headache. My dentist is wonderful, though, always erring on the side of a pain-free experience whenever he can, so that's a reason to be thankful.

Tuesday, feeling quite unmotivated, I edited a script for a church Easter "thing" and let the house keep going in the same slow, downward spiral. But I am thankful that my hubby made dinner that night, it was quite good, too.

Wednesday was the day I started getting back to normal. The boys got to play outside a long time because of the great warm weather, and so took good naps. Then of course, that evening we had dinner at church (another cook-free night!), and a productive youth group meeting.

And today I got to see God in the ordinary. I had to get some lab work done and the nurse was a church-goer, there was a man in the waiting room who was ministering through friendships (who also mentioned his pastor), and I was able to cheer up the tech who did the blood draw.

Anyway, I'm very thankful today.

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