Servant's Heart

In Sunday School this week we talked about humility. One sweet lady said something that made me smile (because I knew she was being vunerable, and not used to it), "I feel that I am good at being humble." What she most likely meant was, "I am used to doing acts of service for people and not feel bothered when I don't get recognition."

A servant's heart says that we want to do things because it is for God and it's good to be a blessing. Even God blesses people all the time without getting the recognition He deserves.

Something that God has been talking to me about since I moved into my first, tiny parsonage (7 years ago)was that if I would be faithful with the little things, he would bless me. That is the way we should view our acts of service, as an opportunity to do the little things that really add up for God's glory.

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