Pop-Culture Post

I don't remember the last time I blogged on the stuff I'm watching, but there's no time like the present.

American Idol: Randy and Paula don't help contestants grow at all by giving them such positive feedback. And they are definitely nicer to certain people than others (even when the quality is the same). Another fault of those two are how vague their explanations are, we often need a translator.

Simon is the man to listen to. . . or my hubby. Hubby has the same opinion on the singers as Simon. Tonight, for example, Hubby says, "he sounds like he's singing at Disneyland." Simon says, "you sound like you're on a cruise ship." My favorites for singers are the tough looking rockers with a good rough sound. Don't tell anyone . We TiVo this show and when I don't fast forward the singer, it means I like it.

Survivor: There was one man who was trying to get everyone to vote his way. Another guy, a fireman, upset his plan. It was amazing really. Fireman tells everyone he can that they're voting off Mary, but not to tell anyone. So enough vote for Mary and she gets blindsided and sent off the island. What really got me was the closing shots where they show everyone's vote and guess who Fireman voted for! Not Mary!!! It was his plan all along, so when asked about it later he didn't have to lie, and still maintain credibility with the entire tribe.

The lessons we can learn from both of these stories are numerous and if I had more energy I'd talk about them. But not tonight. I'm going back to the show. I need to start calling in my vote.

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