Now Four!

Happy birthday to the most exciting boy that's ever been in my life. MD came into the world 4 years ago breech, by c-section, and determined to not let the doctors take him out, even with forceps. It was almost like MD wasn't going to be born until he decided to, and that attitude hasn't changed much. As a baby I had to bounce him to convince him to sleep, wouldn't sleep much by himself and had to feed him the second he was hungry (naturally, at the most inconvenient times)or risk a complete meltdown.

But this tenacious attitude will be a blessing to him later in life. The world changers are the people who won't be persuaded by just anyone; they decide for themselves what is right or wrong and stick to it. Often, they learn the hardest way possible what works and what doesn't. They constantly test the boundaries, seeing if authority is still in charge (and take comfort in that knowledge), and make their moms and dads earn their trust and respect.

The hard work with raising a child like this will pay off in the end if we don't quit. Already, I see some benefits in my relationship with MD. He's responding to my discipline techniques very well (for the most part), and keeps me always searching for the best way of being his mom. Right now we are in a happy stage in his life. The biggest thing we're working on now is getting him to commuicate without screaming or hitting and really, he is starting to learn self-control. Slowly, but surely.

Now the fun stuff: we're doing a Transformers party for him, he is still too young to see the movie, but not to young to appreciate the rockets, cars and trucks that turn into robots- just a few of his favorite things (too bad Rogers and Hammerstein couldn't get that into the song!)

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GiBee said...

Happy birthday, big guy! We're so happy you're around, because you bring so much sunshine and adventure to us!