I finally finished an applique quilt I began 3 years ago for my neice. And gave it to her sister. When I was in the beginning part of my quilting experience, I did finish one for my nephew in Missouri (a moose, very cute), then began this one for Heidi. Well, Heidi came nearly 2 months early so the project lost momentum and sat in my basement, then moved to my new home and sat in my new basement.

Finally, at the announcement that my "in-laws" were expecting their second, I knew that this would be finished for her. And it worked out well, since second borns rarely get the attention of the first. Anyway, I had to share it with you, even though it's a bit wrinkly and not professional quality. It's sortof my farewell to the quilt. Three years of having it haunting the back of my mind and now it's gone, makes me almost want to start work on my third quilt... maybe not. Anyone interested in quilting fabric???

They are both pastors (worship and children's), hence the music material in the corner. My sister's maiden name was often compared to a giraffe's nickname, so that's the pattern in the lamb's face and hooves, and purple and green seem to be the new pink and blue. I made a few beginner's mistakes, but all-in-all it is a good feeling to see the finished product.

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