Snow Day

It snowed here yesterday. The big, fluffy flakes and the wet, solid flakes covered the ground quickly and weighed down the trees. It was the perfect packing snow that children dream of. My almost 4-year-old got to build a 5 foot snowman with his daddy and had me come outside, just to throw snowballs at me. It was an even more perfect snow in that it was starting to melt away today as the sun hit.

As I stood at the kitchen window watching the "boys" I took a moment to remember the times I played outside with my sister. After the first snowfall on a Friday, or Saturday, night we would go make pictures in other people's driveways. Tromping around and around we would make flowers, smiley faces, or just write "Hi." In hindsight, they probably enjoyed the pictures a lot less than we thought they would. We thought we were being nice and God looks at the heart, right?

I challenge you this weekend to have a mental snowday. Just a moment of enjoying the delight of new fallen snow or a new book, or the memory of your wedding day kiss.

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