Satisfying Sunday

"You satisfy me more than the richest feast.
I will praise you with songs of joy." Psalm 63:5

Once we've gone through the valley where things are going wrong and God's answers to our prayers seem far away, there comes a time where we are content. The things that surround us fade into a blur as we realize that God is larger than our problems. The way to peace is to realize to the very core of your soul that God is looking out for you, and no matter what happens down here (on earth) we always will have the hope of Heaven.

It is the satisfying time when God is enough. Our hearts are filled with joy and a peace that passes all understanding settles itself over us. Like a mother hen and baby chicks (that's Biblical, too :).

On Sundays, that is our moment to be satisfied with God. The struggles with life the past week and the growing relationship with Jesus all work together to cause us to look upward and feel satisfied in the presence of God. That is when we rejoice. That is when we gain courage and hope and strength.

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