It's What You Make of It

Spirituality is a personal thing. No one can make you more Godly, more righteous, or more spiritually mature; only you. Not a church, not a home group, not a husband, wife or best friend can take you to the next level with God.

The purpose of gathering together is for encouragement and fellowship. Pastor's sermons will give you the motivation, the worship will give you the inspiration and God will speak to you on Sunday mornings and mid-week studies. But only you can do the daily walk that will give you the real growth.

The persecuted church is overall deeply spiritually mature. They have to be in order to retain their Christian example. Here, in America, we aren't miserable enough to have that need for a deep relationship with God. We have God when we need him and our need is not that great.

In order for us to grow we need to make our flesh miserable. A lot of the time God will allow opportunity for our spiritual growth, if we'll take Him up on it. It is as difficult as denying your flesh and inviting the Holy Spirit to make your spirit stronger in all the miserable experiences of life.

If you still aren't getting enough misery from life to make your spirit and soul stronger, do it yourself. Here is the best way to make your flesh suffer for your spirit to shine: Fasting.

A good fast is the Yom Kippur fast from sunset to sunset. It isn't too painful (especially this time of year) and is a good beginners fast. Just eat a small snack an hour before sunset and then start praying for strength.

Another fast that I've tried is the TV or radio fast. And the computer fast (this actually can be a bit better for the spirit). Oh, and a specific food fast, such as no chocolate, cake or broccoli. Just keep drinking water and talking to God and you'll get through. A wonderful book is Elmer Towns' "The Beginner's Guide to Fasting." There is so much useful and motivating information. As little as $1.74 at Amazon.

This year be a little more miserable to your flesh and God will do some amazing things to your spirit.

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