Well, I have gotten my Christmas letter done. Now if I can just get it into the mail! A few years ago I wrote the letter, printed it, stuffed them into signed cards, put in wallet-sized pictures of the children, and never bought stamps. I got caught up with preparations and left all the letters in a box which I didn't find until we moved a year ago.

This year, it will be different. I hope. If not, I'll blog it.

That's it for today. Soon I'm going to post a truly wonderful salute to my Swedish heritage in the traditions of Christmas. I hope.


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GiBee said...

I just deleted my comment because I wasn't logged in right. Sorry about that. What it said was...

I sit here in awe that you are done! I haven't even started, and just thinking about our Christmas letter has my brain shrivelling into a melted Wizard of Oz's Wicked Witchy pile of goop. It's meeeelting.