Secret C

My secret to beating the cold season? Airbourne. Not kidding, anytime I begin to get that sore throat/achy head/stuffy nose feeling, I begin to take 2-3 a day, and amazingly enough, that vitamin C really super powers the cold away.

Someone my hubby was talking to today said she feels her "annual cold" come on, and then goes to get antibiotics from the doctor. Hmmm, interesting. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Antibiotics can be great for certain things, but it becomes a little scary for me to think of "drug resistance and virulence of infectious bacteria" making antibiotics useless. Source: Medical News Today.

We should be thinking how to keep ourselves as healthy as possible, and give our bodies a fighting chance at healing itself. I am very thankful for doctors and researchers, without them we would only be living to the ripe old age of 52, but we need to not lose sight of the elements God has put in nature for us too. Oh, one last thing, Hillary Duff thinks it's great, too!

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