On the Brink

The age of thirty should be held as the year that your life begins. Finally, at thirty, you start to "get" a few things, you see patterns of behavior in yourself and others that have consequences (good and bad). At thirty you are no longer considered young, but you're not old either. You have the energy to do things, without the compulsiveness of your 20's. Excitement is tempered by experience and there is a realization that planning can get you further than spur-of-the-moment.

Then there is the sacred relationship between the age thirty and Jesus' life.

He was God for three decades before he was called to begin his real work. It is a tangible connection to Jesus' age that only thirty-year-olds can get have without the travel expense of a trip to IsraelI was afraid of thirty, and a part of me still is a little, but if the best is yet to come, and I have to age another year to experience it; then bring it on. (A better attitude to have anyway, since growing older is quite inevitable).

Keep up with me and here in ten years you'll have to read this blog again, when I explore the significance and wonder that turning forty has for me.

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GiBee said...

Ummmmmmm ... you don't EVEN want to know what comes along with turning 40 --- but seriously, if you do? Just wait. Patiently. I wont divulge any of the frightening secrets!