Good Thought Thursday

This is a poem that I wrote 12 years ago. It was inspired after my family took a day trip to the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. I've made a few editorial changes, but since it's mine I guess that's okay. Enjoy!

Fall Walk
I went to the mountains to take a walk,
And I noticed that autumn was soon coming to knock
On the green doors of summer
So bright and clean,
It was the most beautiful sight I had seen.
The trees were all golden,
The aspen leaves quivered,
And as a cool breeze blew
I suddenly shivered.
I could see where fall's fingers
Had tinted the leaves
And brushed out the grass
Into golden green sleeves.
Auburn fall flowers
And the paintbrush so red
Bent their heads to me
Whispering of clouds overhead
The beauty of creation
The clean smell of brisk air
Had me sighing and dreaming
With thoughts to declare
That surely my God,
The Creator, lives here!

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GiBee said...

Lovely poem, R!!