Asleep at the Wheel

"God does not believe in atheists, therefore atheists do not exist"

I don't know that I understand atheists. My opinion is they would rather live however they please, to their own "inner compass" than humble themselves to the idea that they have a Creator. So are atheists just people living in denial? Can you not acknowledge the presence of God so long that you truly begin to believe He doesn't exist?

I do understand those who believe there was a Creator, but that He has left His creation to their own devices. For me, it would be a very discouraging place to be, if God did not continue to work with and among us. There was an article that said, "God sleeps in Rwanda." There is misery in this world, but God gave us all the ability to choose what to do about it. We can choose to ignore those in poverty and captivity. Or we can choose to do something to make a difference.

God exists and He isn't the distant "Being" that many perceive. God does not sleep. Rather we allow ourselves to be rocked gently, back and forth, by our wealth and sense of security, and fall asleep to His presence.

My choice is to believe that God exists, that God is present, and that He is very near and willing to show us a greater way of living. It does require sacrifice on my part. It does require a bit of discomfort at times, but I'd rather not let God sleep in my life.

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