Great Week

My sister left this morning, and we just had a great week! Her two boys got along wonderfully well with my three, and we got to do a lot of fun things. I'm already looking forward to another visit. It's not easy being so far away from family. This is a picture of my oldest with her oldest. We didn't make them hold hands; it's why this picture is so sweet.

Isn't this time of year great? The colors are just so magnificent. I was singing along with the song, "Indescribable" and truly felt that it is impossible to describe the beauty of God's creation with enough words. I keep taking pictures of things hoping to capture exactly how the colors and smells of autumn make me feel. Some pictures are better than others, I am a total ametuer with an inexpensive (relatively) digital camera. Someday, it'd be nice to get a big camera, but I'd want to take photography lessons to do the camera justice.

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GiBee said...

Well, it looks like you did a fine job with the second picture! Beautiful!