Ferret Fun

Well, after a month of deliberation, prayer and divine inspiration, we're ferret foster parents! we went today to The Ferret Inn, a shelter and rescue for the second time, and were able to meet 3 different sets of ferrets. The first trio, one nipped LJ's arm, it looked like a kitten scratch, not too pleasant and poor LJ still doesn't want to hold them without a blanket. So the first 3 got put back in (good thing, too, I didn't want 3). The second couple (ferrets usually have specific friends) we saw 2 that were a bit more active, one was fairly young and didn't like strange ferrets, so we saw the final 2. Two little old ladies. White and calm. Mostly sleep a lot, only playing a little while before finding a place to curl up. They may get more playful with some rehabilitation, they were in the shelter for about three years!

Anyway, Callie and Loretta were the ones we came home with. We renamed them "Kelly" and "Sweet Pea". Kelly is missing a rear leg and is petite, needs help to strengthen her good leg. Sweet Pea is a little bigger, a little older and somewhat more active. Kelly is perfect for LJ and SP should play a bit more when she becomes comfortable which is what delights MD. Baby S, unfortunately doesn't get to play with them, which is hard for him to understand. But a good decision on my part as he went straight to the litter box tonight when he had the chance.

What I appreciate the most is how much Hubby likes them! We both have a soft spot for special needs animals and so love the fact that we can give a good life to these girls. The reason we're fostering and not just adopting is the cost. We couldn't afford the later in life diseases that plague 80 percent of all "fuzzies", so saw fostering as a way to have a pet and be a blessing. If you'd like to see the shelter's website, it's www.ferretinn.org

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