Calvin & Hobbes

Who doesn't like this pair? My uncle introduced me to them when I was young, and I used to pour over the two books my dad had in his book collection. So, when I saw one of the Calvin and Hobbes books at Borders, I had to get it. Now my kids and nephew like them, too. It's helpful that mine can't read yet, since Calvin's vocabulary is somewhat disrespectful at times.

My nephew, Beau, just thought it was hilarious, and he's a good reader, although there were times I I felt a little strange helping him sound out words like "weakling" and giggling with him over the term "bowling ball butt." Yeah, it's probably a good thing he was only exposed to Calvin and Hobbes for the week they were visiting us...

Anyway, it's a great stress-reliever to read a little comedy. It should lighten your mood, too, so here's a giggle (it's funnier when you're on the verge of exhaustion and have a bit of time to relax).

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