Yummy Monday!

Yesterday I participated in my first bake sale. Although I overcharged (compared to everyone else), my cookies were the best things I've ever made. Not kidding. The chocolate chip cookies were 4 inches across, loaded with chocolate and so easy to make. Here is the recipe:


Please make them and share my joy!

It's hard to be really impressed with my ability to follow direction, but it did take some time to prepare it.

One of the blessings given to all people is the ability to find satisfaction in hard work. And isn't it nice when hard work has such a sweet rewards (to be cliche)?

P.S. The picture is the actual cookie and the way they looked for me, but thanks to "Terka" for posting it.


Overwhelmed! said...

Oooh, I love big cookies! I'm printing out your recipe to try. :)

You should participate in my "Favorite Ingredient Friday" recipe exchange. This coming Friday we'll be sharing SANDWICH recipes.

Also, I'm glad you're enjoying my adoption story on my blog. Believe me, I cried a lot during that process and again during the writing of that story. :)

GiBee said...

Awe, MAN!!! And I MISSED the bake sale because Hunter was sick... Man, oh, man, oh man!!! Ummmm ... there's always the retreat -- I'm just saying!!! (I like them crunchy, though)

I made spice cupcakes with rock-hard caramel frosting for the bake sale. It's a talent, really. It's not easy to overcook the frosting, but if you must know my technique -- make the frosting while your sick child is trying to climb into your arms. That way, you're sure to over cook it and get lumps of rock every time.

It's easy peasy.

Bless the church folk for actually paying good money for them... I hope you weren't one of them :-)