Today's "Works for Me Wednesday" is have an easily accessible trash can in each room. This helps keep the number one, "clutter-causer", in my house down. Nothing wastes more time (no pun intended) than having to walk into the kitchen to throw things away. It also makes it easier on visitors who have a stray tissue in their pocket or gum wrapper in their hand.

I have a small waste basket next to the computer, in all bedrooms, in a corner of the living room and in the bathroom (of course). The only place that you won't find one is in the dining room (by the food? yuk). I have to empty them every two days, but that is an easy chore for a child. Or will be when they get the coordination to dump things in the receptacle, and not all over the floor.

With this "WFMW" is another idea I've recently started practicing. (Saw it at a public venue). Instead of lining the can/basket/box with one bag, use 3 or 4 bags in the can, one opened on top of each other. A big time saver when it comes trash day. Just grab and go (that could be a slogan for something...).

Get pretty cans and colored bags, might as well enjoy the necessities in life. Save the old grocery bags for the dirty diapers and dog poo. Better yet, recycle them!!


Overwhelmed! said...

WE have trash cans all througout our house and it really helps! :)

GiBee said...

This TOTALLY works for me, too. I also use the grocery bags or walmart bags to line the trash cans. (except, in my family room, we don't have one, because it's open to the kitchen... and now, I wonder how smart that really is!)