Now that school is in session and I have a child actually in school for the first time, my "Works For Me Wednesday" is related to this subject. This tip I have yet to see fail and would love to get some of your tips, too.

TIP: Set out clothes the night before for all members of the house (or better, make them do it!)

It sounds simple, but some of the biggest time-suckers in my day is what to wear. My daughter would love to wear her favorite articles of clothing which is a polka-dot skirt and paisley shirt (one in primary colors, the other in chocolate shades ). If we talk about it at night, while I'm not in a hurry and she's not stressed, she'll be happier and there won't be the tears.

When I figure out what I am going to wear I can spend the five free minutes I have in the morning "putting on my eyes" and getting my hair decent. I'd rather not have the 200 cars that drive past me in the morning pity the mom who stays at home.

Oh, this also works for the other members of the house, whether 3 months old, or 18 years.

The only exception is with setting out clothes for my hubby, as he is a grown man now. He is much quicker at getting dressed than anybody I've ever met. He'll shower, change and then sit down to do send some emails in the time it takes me to get all the kids out of bed and moving toward the breakfast table.

The times that we all have to be out of the house at an early hour I will run around like crazy getting kids ready (and myself as time allows) then when asking him when we can leave, he replies, "I'm just waiting on you, hon."


Overwhelmed! said...

I think this is a great idea! I sometimes do this for myself so that I have less hectic mornings getting off to work.

So far, my son is easy. I just pull something out of his closet and throw it on him. He rarely protests. :)

Oh, and my husband is like yours. He can get ready in like two seconds. What's up with that?!

GiBee said...

My mom used to do this when we were growing up, my sister does this with her 4 kids, and I'll probably do it with Hunter, too!

Excellent tip, R!!!

Now ... let's work on the hubby helping get the kids ready [wink, wink!]....