Romantic Moments

Married Women,

Take romantic moments as they come. The busier life gets, the more husbands and wives get taken apart from each other. Do you remember the first year of marriage? Although the marriage had it's rocky and sometimes precarious times, we lived as hermits, enjoying each other's company, shutting the world out. Who cares if others felt neglected; life was exciting.

How can we get some of that back? One little step forward at a time. For example, my hubby left me a love note on the computer last week. I would share it, but knowing it would embarrass him quite deeply, let's just say it was in the same romantic thread as the last scenes of our favorite "chick flicks." (Think, "While You Were Sleeping" and sigh.)

Well, this weekend I had the opportunity to reciprocate. He went on a men's retreat (called something more manly than "retreat") and I wrote him a love letter to read a few hours into the bus ride. I don't think it was as exciting as his note to me, but I think it was mushy enough to cause him a little pain if it fell into the wrong hands. Especially now that we're going to be working with our church's youth group!

At first I thought I'd just send the typical, "I'll miss you. Hugs and Kisses, Me." Then realized with very little effort I could expand the note to include a verse of my favorite song ("Close to You") and some sugared up phrases about missing his smile, missing his laugh, etc. He called me about 45 minutes before he was supposed to open the letter and said it was hard to wait. Reminded me a little of our dating days.

Try it yourself, a little love letter to the "Love of Your Life." Not just a two sentence, "I love you, hope your day is good," note. But an honest-to-goodness love letter. I know you all have creativity, I've read your blogs, but if you get stuck there are some great songs to "cheat" from. Or, my favorite, go to Hallmark.com and read a few of their cards for brainstorming purposes only.

With all the artificial relationships on TV and exaggerated romance in "hairy chest" novels, a reminder of what real romance feels like will be good for you (and your hubby). Why wait for February 14? Enjoy being married now.

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GiBee said...

Amen, sistah!!!

... you had me at ... "Take romantic moments as they come."