Good Thought Thursday

Wise words bring many benefits,and hard work brings rewards.
Prov. 12:14

My kids laid down for bed (although complaining some) by 7:00 p.m., what a benefit! I must have really worn them out playing all kinds of kid games after dinner and helping them feel loved by participating, not just encouraging. I recognized awhile ago that the times that I am truly involved with them and use a lot of energy (even when I don't feel like it), that they behave the best for me later on. I am sitting down, watching Ocean's 12, blogging, and they are all quietly sleeping.

Wise words are only good if you take them to heart and follow through. I've been telling myself not to be lazy when it comes to chasing kids and finding moments to focus on their needs and now I see that the wise word was "get to work" and the reward is happy, sleeping children.

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