Autumn Leaves

I love this time of year. Maybe I've mentioned it before? The leaves begin hinting that Fall is just around the corner. Children get energized with new ideas about the big world around them, coming home ready for hugs and hot chocolate.

The smell in the air is crisp and fresh. The hot humidity is mostly gone, and any days that are a bit too warm to be comfortable no longer hold the threat of a summer drought. And I love "sweater weather." Not as keen about "coat weather" (and the phrase just doesn't hold the same ring), too cold, and bulky and cumbersome. Especially now that I've got to get coats on 3 kids, too.

Oh, one last thing, totally unrelated to the season approaching:

My hubby, God bless him, got me a giant bag of M&M's. Actually, the company calls it King Size! It has a resealable zip top and I think I grunted from the weight (2 lbs, 13 oz) of it as I took it off the top shelf today. Not like I should have, or ever need to eat M&M's, but Hubby got them because he loves me and knows that I enjoy chocolate, alot, so there is no way I'm going to disappoint him and not at least have some of those yummy, peanut-filled, candy-coated, bits of heaven. Yeah, to be honest, I'll be lucky to make the bag last until next Tuesday.

The last 15 lbs of pregnancy weightmay never come off, at this rate.

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GiBee said...

But at least you can enjoy the rich jeweled-fall tones of the candy coating while eating them!