School Days

My Girl is going to school for the first time on Monday. I've been really concerned about her (just 5 1/2 years old) riding the bus by herself, figuring out her lunch pin number, and making good friends. It's a normal process, growing up, but I always thought I'd homeschool her. I thought we would drop her off at the school and pick her up everyday, I thought that if she did go to school it'd be a private school and we'd be able to wait until she was 6 (giving me an extra year with her).

Oh well, amazing how life changes our actions. We should not judge other people too harshly for their decisions made because "life" happened. I have to realize that all moms want what's best for their child, and have to make decisions for what is best for their family. Along the way our kids will grow up, become teenagers and won't reflect their upbringing no matter how much we got right. We just pray for wisdom and try to enjoy the ride.

Speaking of... here's a funny story:
My Girl has a great teacher. Very nice woman probably around my age, with a great last name "Schwartz". Easy to remember, just interesting enough, but not hard to pronounce. Well after the Back-to-School orientation when we first met Ms. Schwartz, I was quizzing My Girl on the drive home and asked her what her teacher's name was. She answered "Pants?. . . Ms. Pants"? "No," I replied gently, "but very close." Then her reason for this hit me and I started laughing. My hubby (who was driving) asked what was so funny and why she answered that way; and while gasping for air I replied, "Both names are an article of clothing, Pants. . . . . Schwartz."

Hmmmm, hopefully, school will at least help My Girl with those tricky words and her short term memory.

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