Wow, I have not drunk regular coffee in a long time. Even stayed away from soda pop, because of nursing. But now my sweet boy is about weaned (we're down to 1-2 nursings a day) I can have a cup of Joe in all it's glory. Something missing with decaf. Even in the "Best Coffee in the World," Illy, the decaf is quite mild, no bitter aftertaste, but it's still missing something.

Now, after having a cup of the real deal, I'm buzzing and happy, realizing that the afternoon nap I often crave (though rarely experience) could be gone in just two pushes of a button. I'm multi-tasking, running around, thinking all sorts of inspirational thoughts (although this blog may not reflect that all too well). Hmmm, it's great. I'll try to keep it for emergencies, since caffine is an appetite stimulant, too and the last 10 lbs is still hangin' on for dear life.

I tend to be a plain cappucino girl. Sometimes a brilliant mocha made with dark chocolate and lots of whipped cream is good, too. But then, even if decaf, those beforementioned 10 lbs will never disappear! What coffee drives you? if not coffee, then what is your hot drink of choice?

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