Another Tuesday

It is just a few days from my hubby's birthday and it's the first year he's actually going to be easy to buy for. He started cooking more, yeah for me, because he likes to eat good food now that he's lost 56 lbs (and still dropping). He said that if he is only going to eat one serving of something it's going to be the best tasting. I suppose I could be offended that it's not my cooking that he desires, but the joys of eating his dinners far outweigh my pride.

So he's getting cooking stuff for gifts. I'd type out what I'm planning on getting him, but he may accidently read this and it'd ruin the surprise. I'm typically not the greatest at buying him gifts, he has very expensive taste, so I ask him how much I can spend and go over about $20 :)

What are some of the best gifts you've gotten your husband? or received yourself?

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GiBee said...

And it was a fine, fine time for his birthday! Thank you for having us over for dinner and COOKING for us! I can't believe he wanted to cook on his birthday, but it was deeeelish!