Works for Me Wednesday:

Busy mom tip #1

Let kids sleep in the clean shirts you'd like them to wear the next day. Keeps the morning routine moving a bit quicker. Warning: Plan backfires if kids eat oatmeal, cereal with milk, or eggs with ketchup.


VAIL said...

I so do this. Thought I was the only one, kinda felt bad about it! My kids usually wear gym pants/shorts to school/play - so I even put them in those for bedtime! Pancakes with syrup is kinda iffy too!
Thanks for entering the contest at my blog!

Jennifer said...

This was never my plan, but my son does this - has for years. But he gets completely dressed for the next day and sleeps like that! The only time I won't let him is on Saturday nights - I won't let him go to church all wrinkly because he slept in his clothes!