Terrific Tuesday

So far this Tuesday has been, well, terrific. I'm recovering from a bought of prolonged sickness (a nasty tick gave me Lyme's Disease) which I've taken nearly 3 weeks of antibiotics for, but the great part is my energy has started to come back. It has been very hard on me, but I'm thankful for it since now I have a greater appreciation and empathy for those women who have to live with chronic fatigue, MS, or any other of those horrible, tiring-type illnesses.

Something else that has made this day terrific (besides the fact that all 3 kids are laying quietly in bed for naps) is my middle boy was happy and played nicely with his sister. I think it has to do with speaking his love language.

People all have a combination of things that helps them feel loved. Dr. Gary Chapman wrote a lot of books based on "The Five Love Languages." There is a book for knowing the love languages and how they present themselves in couples, singles, teens and kids. And a great book on "The Five Languages of Apology" which I haven't read, but will request from Amazon, soon! I would recommend everyone who has a relationship with any other human being to read at least one of these books. Get some perspective on how to make a better relationship with your boss, hubby or wife, teen, etc.

Dr. Chapman defines the love languages as Words of Encouragement, Physical Touch, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Acts of Service. These are the ways that someone feels loved. Of course, people are complex and the love language may alter a little in importance, and we experience a combination of these to feel and show love.

You would think that most men are Physical Touch followed by a secondary one. Actually, although Touch is important (and necessary)doesn't mean it's the "Primary Love Language." My hubby, for example, feels most loved when we spend time together. He has a hard time even going to work, which is silly since we live in the church's parsonage and it takes him 20 seconds to walk to work.

My love language I first thought was Quality Time, but I usually want to spend quality time with myself(maybe a mom thing?). I enjoy giving gifts to others, and really appreciate when I receive them, too, it must be my love language. I remember gifts that people have given me years later when I'm using them, and feel like that is the time to write the thank you note. It's probably why I felt so welcome in my new church. The congregation worked so hard to get us Christmas gifts, gift cards and still think of us for even small occasions. My thought: Do church's have a love language? How about towns, cities, countries?

What is your love language?

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GiBee said...

My love language is GIVING! Love to do that and see smiles on peoples faces!