Trading Spouses!

My husband is almost done with his ordination with the Church of God (Anderson, IN). It has been a struggle for him because of his love of not reading. Not that he can't read (no, he did graduate college), but rather he just gets a little ADD-ish when he's opened a book. He says it's the same feeling when he walks into an Arts and Crafts store; sheer boredom.

Our experiences and strengths as individuals really come into play when faced with a challenge like this. I minored in Literature and love to read and write. So he's married the right girl, I proof and edit most of his stuff and he lets me do what I enjoy.

It's so important for married couples to not try to change their spouse. There are a few cases in how effective changing the person whose the "love of your life" has been profitable. Most likely, the annoying or unchanging characteristics will change you. You'll learn to be more patient, understanding and have a great prayer life.

Prayer really is the thing that changes. Read in Oswald Chambers devotional book that prayer doesn't change things, prayer changes me, and I change things. Don't know yet what to make of that statement, unless he's thinking that those who pray about an issue expect God to swoop down and fix everything the way we want them.

God is loving and has grace enough for us all, but wants us to learn to love Him back. Which parent gets more respect and love: the one who gives their child anything they want, or the one who sets boundaries and guides?

Now I'm back to editing a few more papers for dear hubby. Small confession, I still laugh at him for yawning when he opens a book, but hey, he's trying and doing a great job!

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