Kid's Really Are Funny!

Matthew was playing with the phone. I told him to hang it up. He reached up both hands (one had a telephone in it), pointed at the ceiling and said, "I want to hang it up there."

Lydia was spinning in circles and accidentally whacked Matthew across his face. As his cheek slowly turned red, I told her to come apologize and see what she did because she wasn't careful. Her cheerful reply, "oh, it's pink, my favorite color!"

On Sunday I had a friend who changed my boys' diapers in the nursery and told me she was very concerned about the shade of Samuel's poo; keeping the diaper in case I needed to show a doctor. She said it was very black, tar-like. I was very worried, too, and after studying the diaper had about 5 minutes of serious praying that everything would be okay. When we were talking about what I could've eaten, she said, "I'm sorry, I meant Matthew." I don't know if I was more relieved that it was not Samuel, or grossed out about looking intently at Matthew's Oreo feast from the previous day.

Gotta Love It!!!

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