So this is my hobby. Directing church plays and musicals. This is a photo from the most recent one, 'Tis the Season, published by Lilenas. It is hilarious. And we had a lot of fun doing it. God taught me how not to worry about anything. We had three people drop out, one just 3 weeks from production, had NO rehearsals with the entire cast, and yet, I didn't have one stress headache! I knew that God would cause all things to work for His glory.

Never knew when we moved here in 2001 that this was something so important to our congregation. I didn't really get much training in directing. I just love telling people what to do and how to get there . Being an avid reader, it's been the library and my imagination that has helped with this; not to mention the hours I spend on my knees asking God to inspire me. It really is HIS gift that people see when they congratulate me on a job well done.

My absolute favorite musical we did is "Bow the Knee" by Chris Machen. Beautiful music. I've been asked to help out a sister church with "More than Just a Man" (same author) for Easter. Still up in the air about the legistics of the whole thing. Hmmmm. We have a few days until a decision must be made. I want to do it. I love studying Jesus. He's such a complex person.

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