Sis #1

This email came from my mostly sane sister. She cracks me up. This is part of a larger work about her frustration in finding genuine friendships:

Subject: Warning . . . A Rant
. . .OK, do you just fake it and be friendly and hope one day you will find friends that you really click with. I am so tired of feeling like I care about people more than they care about me. I am afraid of them turning on me when they find out who I am, and how crazy, passionate I am about...You know.
So, what to do?I guess this is mostly a rant..In fact....*changing title to email* There, that will warn you. I hope it warned you...*putting warning in title of email* There, there that should help. I guess, unless you are having a bad day and wanting a friendly email from a loving sister...*changing beginning of email to sound happy* There you go.
I also wrote a rather funny thing on Xanga if you want to read it. It happened last night. Very funny. Ummm Well I guess that does it for me. I would like to point out that I may be a little tired and the above statements have not been reread. Oh wait *rereads email*Ok, well now it has, I just had to make sure it made sense. *Stretching* I really could use a massage. Well *yawn* off to bed.
For more of this and other wonderful essays and aspirations visit: http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=EiraChaeli

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