The Great Equalizers

Most of the time it is easy to remain separate from those whom we don't understand, or don't look like "us". But, like it or not, we will have opportunity to be in the same place and the same time as a whole army of people who are different. These places I like to call "Great Equalizers".

No matter what race, religion, hair style, personal style, or up-bringing, we will all end up in these equal opportunity situations. The first that comes to mind is the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Sitting for hours waiting for our number to come up we can look around the room and study the "mass of humanity". An elderly couple, dressed with pearls and cufflinks; a son with his father (who didn't speak much English), both wearing a yarmulke; a black man with wild, unkept hair, who looked as if he hadn't had a square meal for months; a woman dressed in a nurse's uniform sitting close to a man in coveralls, and me, a bit mom-ish in a pink sweater. All waiting with ticket in hand.

Other Equalizers include, but are not limited to, the emergency room, natural disasters, and our need for God. Notice these are all places where there is a need that must be met.

The final and greatest Equalizer will be death. We are all promised two things in life, hardship and death. It is only the way you choose to die will make the difference in how you face it. Are you going with the knowledge that Jesus as your Savior is waiting on the "other side" or are you going with fear that there is nothing better than the dark?

No matter how rich, successful, poor, sinful or good you have been, death is eminent, and the only security we can have is that a loving God made a way (through Jesus' death) to allow us into the perfect place called Heaven.

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