Kid's Anecdote

Kids ages 2 and 4 (nearly)

MD just learned how to squeeze his eyes shut as we pray, but he is still a little dyslexic when it comes to saying “A-men,” says, “Meen– Ah” instead. Also, he loves to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle” but doesn’t know the words, so will change out the words with ones he knows, like “Pizza (his favorite food)” or plain-old, but always appropriate, “Laa.”

LJ, our Joy, delight, and (the name she prefers) Princess, has joined the workout craze sweeping the nation. A few months ago, she decided she did not want to go to bed, and so threw herself down, kicking wildly and screaming. When Dave sternly asked if she was throwing a fit (a serious act in our house) she immediately sat up, wiped her eyes and replied, “I wasn’t throwing a fit, I was just exercising.”

Sweet Hubby had to work late the other evening so ordered Chinese to come to our door. Great food, this one has, and fast service, too. Perhaps a little too fast. When the doorbell rang, MD decided to start singing (at the top of his lungs), the dog came to inspect the food, and LJ was yelling for help down the hallway. I am lousy at math, so here I am, taking a good 5 minutes to figure out the $1.92 tip; shouting at LJ to "try and hold it" and keeping the dog from getting the food. Oh, did I mention Delivery Guy was standing outside in 20 degree weather? That's Life.

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