This is the best time of my life. Everyday can be the best time if you learn to celebrate with joy the hardships and trials that come your way. See everything as a step closer to being the perfected Bride of Christ. Yes, I am a Christian, living by faith. God is greater than all my troubles and He has a great plan for me. He is always good, always faithful, always just and honest, and most of all loving. No matter what I've done, the blood of His son, Jesus, has covered all, and now I can live my life with exuberance, free of the bonds of sin and despair. This earth is merely training ground for the next life. . . heaven. Hooray! Of course the feeling of euphoria and peace can only be maintained if I keep my eyes focused on the end result and depend on God of grace to get me through anything.

If you don't feel that I haven't been through enough to know this as fact. I have and will share more later (as time allows) about the life experiences that got me to this point of surrender and no, it's not always easy, and can't expect it to be, but God gets me through. That is the operative word "through", not "around" or "past".

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